Hyde Park Art Center Presents Biennial Exhibition, “Dream”

Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center has announced Dream, an exhibition of new works culminating the Art Center’s biennial Center Program, a professional development program for the elevation of emerging and mid-career artists, now in its 10th year. Guest-curated by Asha Iman Veal, this exhibition will occupy the entire first floor galleries from December 12, 2021 – March 20, 2022, featuring works by twenty artists from Center Program’s 2020-21 cohort.

Emerging together after the stay-at-home year and a long period of self-reliance, this year’s Center Program cohort collectively and boldly proposes their vision for a better world. Each of the 20 artists brings their personhood to nuanced visual conversations on: police brutality, the female body as monument, freedom of protest, conservation, class inequity, human migration, mortality, mental health, and indigenous visibility and rights.

Elaborating on the naming of the exhibition, curator Asha Iman Vealnoted,“These artists constructively confront reality amidst the present moment’s prolonged intensity of societal shift. In different ways, each of the artworks takes on larger questions of what is next when former dreams and ways of being must evolve, hence the title Dream.” Veal went on to share her journey curating the exhibition and working with the cohort, “Center Program enabled me to achieve something that isn’t possible with all exhibitions and projects—to value the time and detail of studio visits and sustained communication with artists, which is important to me as a relationship-based curator. For the span of an entire year and half, it has been a total brain delight to hear from and exchange with twenty unique individuals. I value the process and format of spending time with such deeply thinking artists, as much as the process of installing the public exhibition itself. There is a trust that develops week by week, and month by month, amongst this entire group, making this a very cool opportunity as a curator to facilitate a group cohesion.”

Participating artists include Cecilia Beaven Gallegos, Dorothy Burge, Cathleen Campbell, Teresita Carson, Jonathan Castillo, Jason Dunda, Sarabeth Dunton, Tanya Gill, Brooke Hummer, Janis Kanter, Mayumi Lake, D. Lammie-Hanson, Percy Lam, Cydney Lewis, Frances Lee, JeeYeun Lee, Susannah Papish, Monika Plioplyte, Monica Rickert-Bolter, and Allison Svoboda.

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