One of the chief strengths of our magazine’s advertising product is its ability to succinctly target an exclusive niche consumer market with an affinity for arts-based offerings.  Clef Notes’ distribution targets Chicagoland readers that support the arts.  So, naturally, our market research identifies households with spending habits that correlate well to arts consumption. Additionally, 84% of our readers exhibit spending habits consistent with upscale living.

Whether you are an arts and culture advertiser or a business that caters to the affluent consumer in Chicagoland, you will find no better way of effectively focusing your advertising dollars to find the biggest concentration of consumers already receptive to your message than through Clef Notes advertising products. 

Our readers value strong branding, they are sophisticated, appreciate culture and fine arts and look for the best in Chicagoland arts and entertainment.  In short, with Clef Notes, you know exactly whom you’re talking to.  And when reaching out to a distinct audience in a city as vast as Chicago, that makes all the difference! 

Our advertising products include our quarterly print magazine, our expanded digital edition of Clef Notes Journal and our weekly email, Snippets by Clef Notes.

To learn more about advertising opportunities with Clef Notes contact our marketing team at [email protected] or call us at 773.741.5502.

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