Chicago History Museum Launches Effort to Collect COVID-19 History in Real Time

The Chicago History Museum today announced a community-based initiative, “In This Together” to collect digital records that capture personal experiences during these uncertain times. In the midst of a global pandemic, it is imperative we turn to our friends, family and community for support and share stories of these uncharted moments in everyday life that will soon be vital pieces of history. We are all affected by this crisis in varying degrees, and personal materials such as diaries, journals, oral histories, images and recordings will help us tell stories of this unprecedented time in history. Contributions can be made online at

“Now more than ever, the Chicago History Museum is committed to sharing Chicago’s stories, and we are honored to launch “In This Together” to shine a light on our shared experiences during this critical time in our history,” said Gary T. Johnson, president of the Chicago History Museum. “History is in the making, and we encourage all Chicagoans to share their stories and continue to lean on our community for support as we navigate through the unknown together.”

“In This Together” invites those living in Chicago and its surrounding metropolitan area to contribute any digital records that document their experience and tell a story of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. These could include digital journal entries, audio/video recordings, images or emails. Submissions can be made via smartphones, tablets or computers. Contributors will have the option to remain anonymous. The Chicago History Museum will share many of the stories online. A selection will become part of the permanent collection. For more information, please visit: