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Picasso 50 Years Later, A View to a Legacy

Any artist, poet or musician worth their weight in salt aims to do much more than just create. Certainly, expression is a passionate part of their journeys, but if meaningful expression is to come to its greatest fruition, it must leave an impression. Every artist understands that. A lasting impression is really the point of that expression. That lasting impression is likely a touchstone for the most iconic artists. It certainly is the case for Pablo Picasso. After his death a half century earlier, his legacy leaves an indelible mark today. 

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Chicago Shakespeare’s Summer Dazzler is Back with Beauty and The Beast

Who doesn’t love a dazzling musical? There’s nothing like a live production with all of your favorite songs, winsome choreography, eye-popping sets and just sheer fun oozing out of each and every side of the stage in front of you. So when Chicago Shakespeare Theater announced it would be bringing back its popular summer musical after a two-year absence — and with Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, no less — there was no doubt it would be a hit. Yet this production has even more to cheer about because leading the cast in the titular role of Belle will be Aurora native Audrey Hare. Based in New York City, Hare attended Benet Academy in Lisle, majoring in Music Theatre. She went on to pursue the same study at Baldwin Wallace University, graduating with a Bachelor of Music in 2020.

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