American Arts Alliance to Commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Justice Is Ours

The African American Arts Alliance has announced Justice Is Ours, the 4th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr, Day Celebration (a dedication of dance, song, poetry and music), on January 19, 2015.  

The event features performances by Sketch N’ Tyme, The Robbert Reddrick Trio, Alexis Rogers, Yahdina Udeen, Dawn Bless, Red Clay Dance and RIZE Youth Dance Company. Sketch N’ Tyme presents art and literacy performance in which rapid drawings are created in real time to the reading and narration of fables/fairytales, folklore, myth, legends historical events, literature and music. In addition to rapid drawings, Sketch N’ Tyme rapidly uses other interpretive art media and forms to illustrate stories as well. The goal is to showcase the value of art through storytelling in the promotion of moral development, literacy, creativity, and art’s continued value as a critical educational tool. 

Red Clay Dance creates and performs a diverse repertoire of Afro-contemporary dance, which fuses traditional West African movement with contemporary dance forms. RIZE Youth  Dance Company is the award winning performing arts arm of Praize Productions, Inc., a community-based, non-profit organization that reaches inner-city and impoverished youth through the arts, education and social mentoring. 

The African American Arts Alliance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Day Celebration is sponsored in part by the Driehaus Foundation and the Illinois Arts Council.

For more information about the January 19 performance of Justice Is Ours, visit